Saturday, February 16, 2013


Many times in the past month I've had some fleeting idea and I would think "I could blog about that".

But then I didn't.

So here we are on a nice free Saturday, and I can't remember all of the things I wanted to blog about....such as it is. I'll just tell you the things I do remember.

I do remember that I am going to Florida in four weeks for my last Spring Break. It's also going to include the Local Natives in Nashville, which psyches me out man. It's also going to include really great friends. It's also going to include a mini van. Ridin dirty.

I do remember that our dog went to the vet yesterday after finagling her way into a half bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips on Valentines day. Poor thing. I understand baby, you think chocolate will make it better, but then you just end up foaming at the mouth and seemingly even more like a lost cause than before.

I do remember that my bro-friend Seth and I had a conversation the other week about weight distribution. And not of the thigh vs. muffin top kind. The kind that has to do with friendships and not seeing them as if they're on some weighted scale. Like to allot more weight to one person, you have to subtract weight from the other. Which is where my mind tends to go. Moreso that I tend to feel as if that is happening to me. It's not Gospel-centered to feel that way. All that thought process does is cause me to feel insecure and disposable. Both of which have been taunting me lately. I miss things when I am caught up in false-grief over friendships. get I inside my head and become sensitive, looking for the ways that I can pinpoint feeling like I'm not wanted. The Gospel says that I have nothing to prove to anyone and they don't have to prove anything to me and it manifests itself through freedom in relationships with people, freedom to speak our minds, laugh, repent. I'm praying for a righter mind in this, more compassion, less insecurity, more rest, less mental run-arounds.

I also remember that I got flowers for Valentines day. Call me cliche, but flowers rank up there with all time favorite things. They are organic, vibrant, simple, diverse, they simply enthrall me. This happy bouquet was a simple grace to me.

I do remember that I'm re-readying One Thousand Gifts. Trying to engrain in myself to remember to see the graces like flowers. And to foster gratefulness. The Gospel breeds gratefulness, which then causes me to not live in the cycle above. My fickle eyes glance to and fro and miss the blatant goodness right in front of me. I want to really see, to be looking for the beauty, to see the Giver.

I do remember that a few of my friends have picked up A Severe Mercy, my all-time favorite book. I love when people love the things I love. Especially that book. I could talk all day about how good it is. My roommate's beau told me he'd give me five bucks if I could name 600 things I love about that book. I dare say had I had the time, and it was worth more than five big ones, I could probably do so.

There ya have it. Muffin tops, flowers, and books. The three things most prevalent in my mind.

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  1. I so love reading these posts of yours, Em. I am also rereading One Thousand Gifts. Love you Em.