Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Project

The past few weeks, I have been assaulted by inspiration. Inspirations to write, to work, to meet and to generally just invest fully into my life. Thus, I have a hefty list of projects that I am chomping at the bit to pursue. And I'm excited. They're vast and are nonsensically disconnected to one another, but I feel as if i do not hop in, I will miss something grand that God may have for me by being a bit haphazard.

One of those involves this blog. I have found myself in multiple recent conversations with people about church. Asking questions and seeing wonderful beauty from my dear friends and their perspectives. And with their permission and grace, I am going to venture to share some of them here. I have requested these particular people because I trust them and their journeys, I see them living well, and they are people who have affected me in a way that surpasses mere friendship. I welcome the opportunity to introduce them to you if you do not know them.

My hope with this series is one thing and one thing only. To let the common themes of church breathe and for God to speak for Himself through us. I do not expect or hope to find one glaring "right" way of doing things. I pray the beauty of language and journey, emotion and perspective reign through. I pray we are affected by one another in enriching ways.

That's what I have for you to look forward to. A break from me, space to hear very beautiful people's perspectives about a hard tension.

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