Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hither & Yon

It's time. For many years I've listlessly pondered starting a new blog. I love the space this has provided to write and engage and live through my thoughts over and over again. But I also need to grow up (in the blogging sense). I long for more resources to beautify this space and for a refreshing place to re-engage this written world I so love.

Thus, it's time. I'm moving over to a new site, but keeping this one as my own documentation of where I have been in the last 7 years. This is like a yearbook. Full of mental braces and penmanship pimples. Things that sometimes I wish were void of the internet, but they were all a part of me. I might as well embrace the awkward.

So I'm jumping the Blogger ship and I hope you follow! I know it's been many moons and there may no longer be anyone who even sees this, but I'm okay making an invitation to an abyss. That's what this whole thing really has been about anyway!

I make no guarantees. My life is still as incomplete and wanderlust as before, but Jesus is also still active and I want to be obedient to my gifts, wants and musings.

My new blog is called Hither and Yon. I've dreamed about this name for years. It means from here to there, which sums up my reality so well. I am always moving from here to there, most of the time not knowing what "here" is while I'm in it or what "there" is even after i've journeyed. I'm eager to write again. Anxious to put more time and energy into compiling thoughts and wonderings.

Grateful for this space. Grateful for kind people who read. Grateful for the freedom to have no readers at all.

Here's the link: Hither & Yon

Bon Voyage!

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