Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was blessed today by my Bestie. We took a walk in the park, talked, cried, screamed, and laughed, you know, like best friends do. I've been thinking about what makes her my best friend. And here's my top 12 things.

1. She's willing to fight for our friendship. We have had quite the go of it this past year and a half, and we've bit it more than our fair share, but we've also learned how to love each other better through it.

2. She loves Disney movies. Moving to college, I was slightly let down to realize that apparently during those three transitional months between lower and higher education, everyone seemed to have matured, except myself. What a reprieve to find someone who would rather watch Beauty and the Beast than Paranormal Activity.

3. She is independent. She teaches me to be my own person and not rely on her or others for definition. She knows where the Lord has called her, and just today, reminded me that she first and foremost will follow what He's revealed to her, no matter what people say.

4. She holds my hand everywhere we go. And then proceeds to twirl me until I'm about to throw up.

5. She is missing a tooth. Sadly, not for long as she begins the process of having a permanent replacement surgically inserted. But still, it freaks people out and makes me laugh.

6. She uses her fake tooth retainer to clean pepper from her teeth. The girl loves pepper. And it ends up in those hard to reach crevices, to which she pops out her handy-dandy retainer and goes to town scraping out the black specks.

7. She is going to be a missionary. The girl loves people and just can't stay away from sharing how big God is in her life with anyone. She's not just going to be a missionary, she's going to be a soul-changer. Passion is easily and beautifully communicated through her.

8. She steals my clothes. Bestie has at least 7 things of mine currently in her room 3 doors down. She's my little kleptomaniac.

9. She doesn't give up. She is the most tenacious woman I know, and is willing to fight for Truth no matter the cost. She is courageous and smart, following the Lord wherever He leads her, bravely walking into hardness, armed with Truth, and Trust.

10. She's a child. She spews drinks when she laughs. She giggles uncontrollably when I quote our favorite movie lines. She's spacey. She runs around in circles uncontrollably. She makes me laugh harder than anyone I know.

11. She chooses to see the God in people. She loves completely and without qualms. She is completely beautiful with Christ emanating into every aspect of her life.

12. She is hopeful when I am cynical. She is patient when I am rude. She is calm when I am fuming. She is compassionate when I am hurting. She is restful when I am tired. She's honest when I'm a butt. And regardless of what I say or do, she loves me fully.

This is my Bestie. I love her dearly and my life is sweetened by her presence. I admire her so much and grow by watching her graciously and peacefully walk through life.

May the Lord bless her and keep her, may He make His face shine upon her and giver her His peace, and may she always love the Lord first. Above all else.

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