Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace and Blessins'

Well, I'm blogging from a mountain. And this is my job.....sigh.

Resting in a charming green rocking chair, with the ridges of blue (hence the name Blue Ridge) straight ahead in my line of sight.

If only words could do it justice. If only a picture could do it justice. But it can't. Part of the beauty of the view is the experience attached to it.

I wanted to blog because I'm in an awesome place and I feel like that means I should have something awesome to say....but I don't. I've been sitting here for thirty minutes trying to conjure up some witty story, or some spiritual insight. But ya know what, it's just been a fun week.

Sometimes I forget that this blog is just my process. It's not meant to be some big theological diary or an amusing collection of memoirs. The full intention of my starting  my blog was for me to just write when I wanted to, about the things I wanted to write. I'm under the full impression that we are called to enjoy things fully and do it in such a way that we can invite people into that. I like writing, sometimes about serious things, sometimes not, either way, blogging is my way of inviting people into that place of my life without expecting anything in return. I'm not disappointed, in fact, I expect, people to not really read it, but it's out there.

I've loved the time I've spent with the other two registrars this week, we've laughed a lot. Until this summer, I hadn't laugh-laughed (you know the kind) much, and I don't know what in this job has changed that, but that is grace right there. I haven't had much to laugh about this past year, and I am getting to rest in the redemption God has placed in this job.

And maybe that's the theme of how these past few weeks have been. There's been redemption. And the whole point of redemption is grace. I have no idea why this job, this summer, with these people, has been so healing for me, but it has. It's just one of those areas of life where I have to look and point and say there is a God and He is good, because this doesn't make sense.

Sitting here on this front porch, in the home of Moon Pies, RC Cola, and pineapple sandwiches (yeah, sounds disgusting to me too), I am getting to believe in His promise of grace on me, and bask in it.

Yeah, that's it. I get to rest in grace. I haven't been working for it, but He blessed me anyway. And you know, there's peace that lays like a blanket on me of just getting to believe in His grace.

The God that gives me this kind of nonsensical rest is the God I want to know better.

A NFL player with a 25 1/2 inch arm circumference said this last night, and I liked it.

"God bless me, so I can be a blessing"

Today I see my blessing.

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