Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have a new nickname. Beans. Holla at me playas.

No, I am not joking. For two months I worked with two people for a major project (50% of our final grade major--YIKES), and in this time they dubbed me Beans.

I'm not telling you this for no reason. I was "gifted" with this nickname for my love of coffee....okay, and the Even Stevens reference causes the three of us to snort laugh. Over on The Anderson Crew she copied the idea of writing the things she could tell one over a cup of coffee. Hence the relevance of Beans...get it? So if we were sitting over a cup of coffee in my thrift store mugs, this is probably what you'd get out of me...

I am not blogging with selfless intention. I'm avoiding studying for a test in a class I hate. So thank you for being my outlet tonight.

I have this new job, and I really like it, it makes me feel productive. I like feeling as if I am going somewhere and that these years in college have been towards something.

Bethie came to town this weekend. I got to watch her with my momma and it was a ballin good time. I love me some Beth Moore.

In about a month and a half I get to move back in with my favorite roommate in an amazing little apartment that God just kinda dropped in our laps. It was written in big fat capitals in my graces journal.

Exercising is NOT my favorite thing. At. All. But I'm trying to get better. Anyone out there here me when I say that self-motivation is SO HARD?? The only thing that makes it remotely okay is that is when I allow myself to watch Saved By The Bell. I've made it through two episodes so far. Told ya I hate it.

Redeemer had a phenomenal sermon this morning about legalism. Brother was speaking to my heart. Listen to it. I'm not playing. Go. For those of you who don't listen to me (RUDE) the gist was this: when we create rules that aren't given to us, it just festers into pride. Rules about dress, faith, tats, chew, etc. Dude, thinking that through is rough. I am one heckova proud girl but over the past year I've been changing. It hasn't been self-inflicted or even noticed mostly, but those rules have been getting ousted, and if not completely ousted, at least evident. God's just been shifting my eyes to see things, giving me a mindfulness of the self-ness of me and the Absoluteness of Him and how I have to keep coming back to my need of Him. When I do that He compels in me things that aren't my norm.

This time of year is my favorite. I love the weather, I love sun, fresh air, and fruit. The greatest of these is fruit. I could eat it all day every day if gross things wouldn't happen, and it was cheaper.

So that's what y'all are getting from me tonight, Bethie, Saved By The Bell, and fruit.



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  1. Oh Em... You're so funny! I loathe exercise too... And love fruit, Bethie and Saved by the bell :) Have a great week!