Monday, April 11, 2011


The cursor is blinking at me. Mocking me with it's sardonic, vertical winking in my direction.

I would love to sit here and write about some enlightening, full-hearted truth that I have been discovering, but thus there is none.

I heard once someone said, "if you're not reading, you're dying." Well, I haven't been reading. And a bit of me feels like it's slowly wasting away. I'm bored.

The glamour of college has worn off in the past two years. People are people, classwork is classwork, and it all gets to be old hat after awhile. Reading has always been something to excite me. It was a place where I could cry after walking through the tragedy of another only to read a few chapters further and experience the joy of redemption. Somewhere where I could get a glimpse of the great minds and wise counsel of those who were born years before I was even a thought.

Even blogs fall into this category. Reading about a woman who has been walking through the agonizing, yet joyful process of adopting a child from Ethiopia; or her best friend who is honestly and refreshingly writing about normal life after experiencing infidelity a year ago.

There's something restoring to me about hearing another perspective, and not from someone who I am doing normal life with. To be honest, there is something refreshing about adults. I don't get enough of them. I'm living in a sea of young, naive, impressionable people, and I am willingly raising my hand to say I am one of them. It seems there are all these ideas out there bouncing around. Learning, learning, learning. We're all taking in things like a porous sponge.

It's nice to sit in the presence of people who are a further beyond this. And that includes authors. And like people, I get quickly turned off by the ones who write about everything as if they're the stuff. I appreciate genuineness.

I don't have any settling thoughts tonight. I just kinda wanted to show the cursor up. It idly blinks at me, awaiting my next move, and I'm ready to say "touche" and let it win. I want to read. I'm withering on the inside. So, that's it. Go read books.

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