Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Be Like Me

Well. I'm moving.

In two weeks I will be living large in 655 square feet of my very own. So my recent weekends have been spent shopping for the goods. Furniture, cookware, bedding etc. However, I am all about the freebies....and these babies are throw-backs from my childhood.

Many a birthday, dinner or chat with my mom occurred on these stools, and now they get to move on to bigger and better things.

Here's the deal. I'm twenty-two. This is my first time living on my own and I have no idea what in tarnation I'm doing when it comes to tutorials. But I repainted these green monsters and I'm gonna show you how to do it Emilie-Janky-Town Style.

Note: you probably should find people who actually know what they're doing if you ever are going to do this and you want your to turn out nice. I however, just tend to go for things. Some call this foolishness.....let's call it valiance.

The first step is to stare at the spray paint aisle, Instagram, stare some more, and decide on a color. You shouldn't be like me and spray a little bit on the price tag to see if you reeeeally like it.

Next step is to remove the seats from the chairs. Don't be like me and spend thirty minutes finagling newspaper and painters tape around the seats, only to realize you're four screws away from easy removal.

Sanding should occur next. Don't be like me and forget to wear gloves. Because then this happens...

Also. This is an example of how you probably shouldn't sand. I don't think the sand paper is supposed to look like this at the end.

Priming the chairs is important. But don't be like me and only get one can of primer....because you'll be angry later when it takes four cans of blue to cover. And you may react like this....

Then can

Two cans.....or toucans if you're feeling jolly

And four cans later I had the finished project. Don't be like me, buy a quart of's cheaper. 

They did turn out pretty fly for some blue guys if I do say so myself. 

But really. Don't be like me. 

Because then you make weird faces like this when you're finished.

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